Thrive Vision Expansion Initiative


Thank you so much in your interest in expanding God's Kingdom! There is no better investment of your time and resources than sowing into life change and into a place where people can encounter God's love and explore His purpose for their life. This is exactly what you are doing when you sow into the Thrive Expansion Initiative.  Each day we continue to see and hear testimonies of individuals experiencing God in a real, relevant, and enjoyable way. Here are some exciting statistics about the many live that were impacted in 2013:

  • 2095 people committed their lives to Christ.
  • 983 people planted themselves in a Bible-believing, life-giving church. 
  • 1000+ people joined a Fall 2012 Metro Group.
  • 570 people consistently served others during Sunday services on the Dream Team. 
  • 153 community outreaches! 
  • 65 churches planted through our partnership with the Assocation of Related Churches (

Below is a picture of phase two of the vision we are walking toward to have 1100 North Fayette (our current facility) become our Next Generation Children's Youth/Student facility and 1200 be expanded to a sanctuary that seats 1200 people. In phase two, not only will we have significantly increased capacity,  we will also have an outdoor baptismal pool and a deck for after parties! We are currently in phase one of our expansion where we have a sanctuary and children's area in both 1100 N Fayette and 1200 N Fayette (opening soon). We are trying to be faithful to utilize the facilities God has given us to their maximum capacity in this current season, but we are excited to partner with you to make this next phase a reality because we know that even more people will be reached for Jesus! 


In April 2013 your continued generosity also made it possible to secure and renovate our newest Fairfax Campus at 3500 Pickett Road, a 17,000 sqft facility, with 225 parking spaces and a 400+ seat sanctuary with lots of classrooms for children's ministry, a playground and a basketball court!  We were able to purchase this for $1.4M below market price because we had the cash for the down payment.  Our Grand Opening on September 15 provided two more services for an overall total of 8 opportunities to preach Hope and Passion to our Nation's Capital and begin the discipleship process.  We are confident in God that this addition, credited to your eternal portfolio, will provide a great return as well.  Over 400 call the Fairfax Campus their home already! 

We'll see many opportunities like this, and the next community we reach together is simply a matter of prayer and resources.  The Thrive Expansion Initiative fuels our multi-site vision, to build a God-first culture in the DC Metro area.   Currently there are 150,000 seats in area churches, but the population is 5.2 million.  We have an incredible opportunity!  Below, you will find three easy ways to partner with your church to change your city:

Pray for the Vision...all the time!

Serve in the Vision...jump on the Dream Team!

Give towards the Vision...ask God how He would like you to give!

In addition to cash/check, there are few additional ways you can give toward the vision:

  • Donate personal property such as vehicles, art, jewelry, antiques, and other valuables,
  • Give stocks, bonds, or mutual funds,
  • Donate real estate,
  • Sell some possessions and donate proceeds,
  • Include DC Metro Church in your Living Will and/or as a beneficiary of your retirement account. 

You will receive an income tax deduction on the full market value of any donated items and save yourself any applicable capital gains taxes. For more information, please contact us at

How Will We Reach Our Goal?

Our 2014 overall need is $3M total ($2M for Alexandria Renovations and Expansion, $500k for the Third Campus launch and operations for 1 years, and $500k Emergency Fund).  Our current Thrive Expansion Savings is $1.5M, so we only need $1.5M to realize our 2014 goal!   God has called us to rebuild a God-first culture in the DC Metro area. In the book of Nehemiah, they were only able to rebuild the wall when they each found their place on the wall.

What is your place on the wall? Each brick matters....

We encourage you to ask God what He wants you to give for the Thrive Inititiative. Here is an example of how each of us doing our part can reach the goal.

$100,000 1 $100,000
$75,000 2 $150,000
$50,000 3 $150,000
$20,000 5 $100,000
$10,000 10 $100,000
$5,000 50 $250,000
$2,500 150 $375,000
$1000 250 $250,000
$500 50 $25,000
Total: $1,500,000


Many of us see a need like this, and we want to help, but we can't give the number we'd like to because of debt.  Just pray and be obedient to what the Lord what have you do. In the meantime, use the following resources to help get your finances in order so can Thrive in every area of life! 

Quick Start Budget

Budgeting Tools

Crown Budget Analysis Form


"The God of heaven will give us success; therefore we His servants will arise and build."  Nehemiah 2:20